Use cases for big data in telecom

The following use cases has been identified with respect to the analytics using these data sets –

· CDR Analytics

o Regulatory Compliance / CDR secondary data store

o Mediation replacement

o EDW augmentation

· Digital Content Analytics

o Content Analytics

o Network Analytics with 4G/LTE

o Targeted Advertisement

· Service Request and log analytics

o Product Engineering – Defects analytics, Usability Analytics, Warranty/Repair

o Service Assurance – Service Desk Operational efficiency

· Customer Application Mining

o Document Management and search/Mining

· Public Safety – Video Surveillance

On further analysis with respect to the technology feasibility, current solution scenarios, repeatability of the opportunity and TCS customer cases, narrowed down on the following use cases

1. CDR Regulatory Compliance

2. Mediation Replacement

3. Digital Content analytics

4. Service Request and Log Analytics

The other use cases need to be analyzed further to see if a broader solution base and customer base can be derived for further solution development.

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